How to cut the lace on a lace front wig or topper

Lace front wigs and toppers can give you a super natural look and feel when you wear them. If your new lace front wig arrived and you don’t know how to cut the lace, don’t worry. In this blog, I will teach you how to cut the lace step by step.

Cutting a lace front wig is simple but it’s important to have a few good tools. You don’t need all of these but, if you have them, they will help you get the best cut possible:

  • Scissors: You can use a sharp pair of everyday scissors or smaller nail scissors to give you more controlled cuts. 

Some people prefer razors because they feel like they create a more jagged, natural line. Whatever you choose, make sure they are sharp to prevent tears.

  • Clips: Have a few large hair clips to pull back the hair from your face before cutting.
  • Wig head: This comes down to personal preference. Some people like cutting when the unit is on the wig head; some prefer to have it on their own head.

First, gather your tools for cutting and styling your lace front wig or topper. You’ll need some good scissors, some tweezers, a wig head and some patience. You may also want to use some wig clips to pull the hair back if this is your first time, or you want to create your own baby hairs. 

To begin, place the wig on your head and pull it forward so that the wig hairline is just slightly in front of your natural hairline. The lace part should extend past your natural hairline by a couple of inches. The extra length is left to prevent loss of the hairline if the lace begins to fray and needs to be cut off.

Then, create a line as a guide. Some people choose not to do this but it can prevent you from cutting too much off.

Next, place the unit on your head or the wig head.

Make one small cut towards the middle of the hairline. This creates small sections, which are easier to cut and prevents snags or overly jagged edges.

Slowly cut each section along the hairline, pulling the lace taut to avoid accidentally cutting into the hairline.

Cut the lace back towards the beginning of the hairline in the front. It should be cut back all the way to the hairline since the lace on the forehead will be more visible. Pull the lace of the wig tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even and smooth strokes.

Trim the sides of the deep invisible part lace front wig. It is necessary to cut the lace all the way back on the sides since this part is not as visible as the forehead area.

Double check the trimmed lace to ensure that there are no jagged edges. Make sure that the lace of the wig is cut completely even, especially around the forehead area.

Try to avoid cutting perfectly straight lines, as they can look less natural.

After you cut off the lace, there are actually many other ways to make your wig look more natural. You can also try applying powder to the part of the lace wig. This helps to mask any holes that could be noticeable on the lace front.

You may know how to cut a lace front wig but even the perfect cuts can’t change a low-quality unit. 

When investing in a lace front wig or topper, it’s best to start with 100% virgin human hair. The benefits of human hair include the ability to color and heat style it as desired. High-quality hair lasts longer, gives you style versatility, and looks totally natural.

The topper in this video has a large cap which extends 8 inches front to back and provides ear to ear coverage.

The lace and silk top scalp offers the most realistic illusion of hair growing out from your scalp. What I love about this topper is that you have the coverage that you need without the damage from clips. 

I have travelled with it, went through TSA with no issues and slept in it on a 6 hour plane ride without feeling any pain. If you want to learn more about this clipless topper, you can find it at You can get a $25 dollar discount on your purchase with code THT254ME

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