7 Powerful ways to become the leader everyone wants to work for

Being a manager is not easy these days. You are not only responsible for your business goals and objectives, but you are also responsible for recruiting, training, coaching, developing, engaging, anticipating everyone’s needs, reporting all kinds of metrics, and that’s just one piece of the puzzle because you also must take care of your clients and customers if that’s part of your role.

For some people management is the route to power, but for talented workers management is the only way to actually make things happen. High potential employees want to accomplish big things and earn a seat in the table. They want to be heard and have the power to make decisions, they won’t follow you unless they believe in you and what you do. They want to advance in their careers and follow leaders, not managers.

As a leader you should ask yourself this question: Why would anyone follow me? Talented employees follow leaders that will make their careers advance, someone that stands for what they stand for and will make their world a better place. So how can you become the leader everyone wants to work for? Here are 7 powerful ways:

1. Make your report’s success your personal mission.
2. Never stop learning
3. Operate from trust
4. Strive for Excellence and operate with fairness
5. Share your passion
6. Develop a culture where talent is developed and valued
7. Be consistent

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