This episode is about how to use mindfulness in times of crisis and challenge. When life presents us with unpleasant and difficult times there is a strong tendency of the mind to resist what is happening. We have all experience resistance to pain, though resisting usually creates more suffering.

I know when I have experienced difficult moments I also start fighting with the present moment – I completely lose touch with myself go into fight or flight response. I immediately go into resistance, try to shut down all my feelings of sadness because I want to remain strong but I know in the end resisting my feelings creates more layers of suffering.

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself, what is my role in all of this? How can I help? Because as I watch this unfold I have this urge of doing something about it.

I wanted to share some tips to help you get grounded and re connected during challenging times and couldn’t think of a better person to talk about this topic than Ilona Pamplona. The Mindfulness Mija.
Ilona Pamplona the Mindfulness Mija is a certified health coach with a focus on mindful living, she will educate us on how to cope in this busy and stressful world.

Here are some of the techniques discussed in this episode:
1. Breathing
2. Non judging
3. Accepting
4. Letting go
5. Non striving
6. Take compassionate action with yourself and others
7. Patience
8. Beginners mind