This week’s episode is about mindset. As some of you know I’m a huge sports fanatic. On my free time I watch a lot of sports, I don’t really watch television, it doesn’t get me excited but when it comes to sports I can watch for hours and here is why…. I’m fascinated with the athlete’s mindset. The mindset of a champion.

Imagine what would happen if we lived our life like we are going to win. What would be possible if every day you started your day knowing that you are going to succeed? How would you tackle your day if failure wasn’t an option?

Let’s look at that.

Do you think that Lebron James and Tom Brady mildly consider the possibility of losing a game? NO. They don’t. Sure they are talented, but besides that they have a huge drive, they have that character and will that makes them practice, dig down and pull through when they most need it.

So what does that really mean?

It means to have the ability to win when things aren’t quite right. It means to be able to pull through when you and your team are not playing right, when the conditions and even your emotions are not the right ones.

Have you seen what happens to these athletes when they are losing? They raise their level of focus; they step up their game %300. When a match is on the line they get 10 times better.  All of the sudden it is game on! Beast mode.

An athlete has the ability to raise their level of play when they need it the most.

What do you do when your game is on the line?

I’ve had a lot of moments in my life where I knew if I didn’t pull through nobody else was going to save me. The times that I’ve hit rock bottom and my ass was on the line, I’ve had to pick up all the broken pieces, pull myself together and fight for what I wanted it.  Those pivotal moments in your life are our opportunities to expand and reach out for what seems impossible. In those moments we have to thrive and push through until we win.

So how can we set ourselves up to win our game? How can we train ourselves to achieve success?

  1. Challenge your limits. Sometimes our own goals keep us from exploring new grounds. Do not allow yourself to get too comfortable where you are. Acknowledge yourself for getting to where you are but don’t allow yourself to think that your current situation is your normal. Always reach for what looks impossible so you can allow yourself to expand. For example, interrupt your normal workout routine and introduce an extreme change by increasing your weights or work out time by 50% . Keep doing that for a week and allow yourself to see the expansion. Try to go back down to your original level of performance and you’ll see that now you have a “new level of normal”
  2. Don’t hesitate. When things are not going your way, keep fighting. Unfortunately, “trying to win” is not enough. It takes 100% of your presence in mind body and spirit to make things work. Going in to your day knowing that you are going to win makes all the difference.
  3. Develop Mental toughness. When it seems like life wants to knock you down in every direction, when everything that could go right goes wrong, you can’t let any of it affect your focus. It is one of the hardest things to do and it takes practice. Practice giving up negative thoughts and emotions by replacing them with positive affirmations until it becomes your identity. Instead of thinking “this is too hard” think “I have what it takes to make this happen”.
  4. Never stop learning. You have to fail in order to learn how to get yourself back up. Every time you have a setback, learn from it and move forward. When you have the mindset of a champion you either win or you learn. There are no losses.
  5. Overcome Self-doubt by taking action. The act of taking action creates momentum. Every time I second guess myself I make sure to take another step. Every action, has a reaction so when you find yourself stopped just move, take another step. Do it afraid. You’ll surprise yourself with the things you are capable of doing.