About Valerie

Hi! I’m Valerie Fuentes,

I’m a life coach obsessed with teaching women how to be bold and unapologetic.

Because the world needs YOU.

Yeah, YOU.

I’m so happy you are here.

You are here because you are ready to prioritize your dreams and desires, because you are ready to be deeply connected with your purpose and finally live a life by design. You know you are meant for big things but you don’t know how to get there. You don’t feel like you have the confidence to share your greatness with the world just yet. I get it, my fears used to run my life. I held back on sharing who I really am for many years. I was busy trying to be perfect and fit in a box.

If you are constantly anxious thinking about the future, if you feel like you are living your life to please somebody else’s dreams and feel like you have no purpose, please hear me out. It is not too late to bring your dreams to life. I’m here to teach you how to let your passion and intuition dictate your decision making, because when we live from our truth and we own who really are there are no barriers. When we are in alignment with our soul, anything is possible.

Why not live a life you love right in this moment? Please stop waiting until the next big thing happens to you to be happy. Your life is not going to get any easier with the next big event, when you lose 10 pounds or make six figures. Life is happening right now. This lifetime is yours and you are the only one that can create it.

Because I know what’s possible when we live from a place of love and not fear, I’m here to be your champion, and your guide. I’m here to get to know the real you, the you that knows what she’s capable of but is still looking at her life from the stands. I’m here to help you get back on your game, play big and win.

Can’t wait to see the life you are about to create!

Much love,



Want to Learn More About Me?

Here you go!

As a graduate of Washington State University with a B.A in Hospitality Business Management, I have spent most of my career leading teams in aviation, manufacturing and hospitality.

I consider myself a genuine influencer who thrives on tough challenges and translates visions and strategies into actionable goals. I like to think that I’m an empowering leader and visionary who has successfully trained, developed and led top-performing teams. I’ve traveled the world as a part of my career and have received many professional certifications and awards along the way.

I excelled in my career with The Boeing Company and was able to create multiple mentoring programs in various divisions throughout the organization, where I became a leader in the industry. In 2012 I was awarded the “Commercial Aviation Services Service Excellence Award” for my role in the training of over 2500 employees in customer service best practices and  the following year I was also named “Technology Rising Star” by ‘Women of Color’ Magazine.

My hope is that my technical skill and commitment to high performance motivates leaders and female entrepreneurs to champion continuous 

improvement as they grow and develop themselves and their teams. My mission is to empower others to play big, be bold and create a life they love.

I started my coaching career at Boeing as a business and career coach working with early career individuals and executives. In 2013, I moved to Miami to be closer to my family and I’ve continued coaching in South Florida; this time, outside the corporate world with a focus on leadership and self-expression.

Today I serve as the Vice President of Communications for the International Coaching Federation South Florida Chapter, having received my Professional Coaching Certification from the University of Miami. I also have my own private practice in Miami, Florida where my focus is to support women in their journey to become who they are meant to be by helping them to release their inner fears, allowing them to be themselves unapologetically in the face of fear.

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, I love traveling, learning about other cultures and volunteering in my community. I’m fluent in English and Spanish and enjoy watching sports and dining out with my husband in my free time.